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EV ND367S _ www.mikemall.com (마이크몰)_

EV ND367S _ www.mikemall.com (마이크몰)_
항마도사 : 슈어sm58보다 좋나요?

ULTIMATE Live Mic EV N/D767a Discontinued. Make Money Too By Scott Grove

You can purchase the 200 plus hours of lessons for only $25. The deal of the century!

Donations Via Paypal: mrmrswoodworker@aol.com
ojonknfkwadw : Can you please make a video comparing The sm57 and The ev on a guitar cab??
Daryl Hoppes : I bought 10 a few years ago. They will last me my live career. When a guy tells me, “I only use a 58” I just roll my eyes.
Paul Drums : Hey Scott. Great video. I'm late to the game but can you explain why the 767a is so much better than the ND76? EV is saying that the ND76 is just the updated version of the 767. What gives? Thanks.
TACTICAL DAIRYMAN : I bought three, like 10 yrs ago. And I always thought they where way better that the sm58, even new blue live mics,etc.
Lish Lash : Thanks for your efforts tracking down these OOP gems and reselling them at competitive prices. I just happened to score an EV N/D967 after months of searching, and I AM STOKED. These little beasts kick ass on stage.
Thomas Harvey : thank you, sir, you are so right about the microphones those ev are the best im your biggest fan
Lou Tielli : Scott....where are you getting the windscreens to replace the internal ones that disintegrate? Thanks!
Lou Tielli : Scott......these are my favorite mics. Are any of these for sale?
DoNaTe : i feel the same way about the perception 100 200 220. its cheap as hell and sounds similar to the u87ai and tlm 103. the new p220 they fucked it all up just like the new nd76. i used to be a fan of the nd767a but i dont think its a good studio mic. it definitely has its benefits over the sm58. much more detailed, less gain needed, more open sounding but it is a bit colored for studio recording. ive owned like 5 nd767a over the past decade. i wont buy it anymore tho. maybe if i was on a stage i would lol. or the kms 104 but that costs too much.
0013619511 : you are super Doctor thank you for letting use know you are looking a lot better . Now I am not getting horny I do love ya you are a super dude and you are the man .

미국 전기차(EV)주 - SOLO, BLNK, FUV, AYRO, NIU

차세대 전기차(EV) 주식들을 알아 봤습니다. 주식시장에서 전기차 열풍을 얼마나 이어갈수 있을까요? Corona 이후 급변하는 사회 속에서 EV 시장이 급속도로 성장할 것으로 예상됩니다. 특히 중국 전기차 시장은 어마어마할 것 같네요. $SOLO $BLNK $FUV $AYRO $NIU
(절대로 투자 추천품목 아님! - 정보공유 목적 ONLY) 유익한 정보라 생각하시면 좋아요, 구독 부탁드려요^^ "KEEP CALM AND STAY INVESTED."

WEBULL - 미국에 계시는 분들 Fee 없는 주식 거래 APP 소개해 드려요. 어카운트 오픈하면 공짜 주식($2이상) 하나주고 $100 넣으면 $12 이상짜리 공짜 주식이 차례로 들어 옵니다. 공짜 주식 받는다는 메세지 받으시면 7 Business Day 이후에 본인 Account로 들어옵니다.
Kyusik Lee : 트렌드를 제대로 짚으시는군요 앞으로 기대하겠습니다^^
김소영 : 감사합니다!
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